Why our customers choose TAPAMA

Here are the top 10 reasons why our exiting customers rely on TAPAMA as a partner for their technical textiles requirements.

We're continuously developing ways to enhance the technical characteristics of our fabrics to make them better, lighter, stronger, more durable and engineering extra value for you.


We operate to the highest quality standards giving you peace of mind that our fabrics are manufactured to consistently meet your exact technical specification.

We'll act as a valuable resource for your business. Our technical experience and specialist knowledge of yarns, fabric, weaving and coating process means we can take the hard work away by developing innovative fabric solutions.

We specialize at what we do. We focus on our customers' needs for fabric that perform in demanding applications and strive to deliver a 'best in class' approach in the field of technical textiles.

Our integrated approach of fabric design, weaving, finishing, coating and fabrication means we can fulfill your requirements for technical textiles more quickly, more efficiently and in a more cost – effective way.

We'll produce unique fabrics with characteristics that perform in the exact way you need for the most cost-effective solution possible.

We like a challenge- the more complex & unusual the application, the better. We take up Challange we ease out work that other fabric suppliers may find problematic.

With over 30+ yrs of experience in technical textiles manufacturing we've built a business with a solid foundation meeting the needs of our customers. We remain customer-focused and will continue to invest to offer the best level of service and technical expertise possible for our customers.

We'll jointly work with you as an extension of your own business, ability to plan, manufacturing and deliver in line with your needs, eventually saving you time and money.

We'll jointly work with you as a partner to supply your technical textiles needs. We dedicate resources for short-run and development work that will help you to cost-effectively satisfy your own customer better, more quickly and more profitably.